Mothers’ Day and Gardens Starting

5/9:  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  It’s a beautiful day (finally) here at the backyard farm.  The garden is looking great – new seeds sprouting, greens ready to harvest for soups, pastas and salads.

The compost and rain barrel are both full and ready to use.  Joe put the fresh compost into the new potato bed and I water the herbs with the rain water.

The chicks are getting big.  They have been with us for two weeks now. The gardens look great and the sun is out.

Turkey chick at 2 Weeks

Chicken chick at 2 Weeks

5/15:  What a fantastic day today.  The weather was in the mid 60’s with blue skies and sunshine.  Joe built another raised bed for me this morning.  It is under the kitchen window in the area where the grass is always dead and hard.  It’s right next to the rain barrel too, so we can run a hose over to it for water.   I planted 6 Roma tomatoes and a few sweet peppers (they may get transplanted later, but I needed to get them in the ground.  I didn’t have a spot ready for them or for the purple cabbage that I picked up but what can I do when I find vegetable starts on sale – 6 plants for $1.50.

I also transplanted the last rhubarb from the garden into the new bed and planted more peas and beans in the main garden.  The peas are doing well, but something is eating the beans just as they start to sprout – it’s probably slugs.  The slugs got my cucumber too.

I soaked the strawberry baskets on the 2nd floor deck and planted a beefsteak tomato in the planter that had the banana tree last year.  I may plant some purple basil in another pot up there tomorrow.  I set the automatic timer on the drip system and it is set to start tomorrow morning.


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