Cornish Cross Chicks

4/25:  I put in some more broccoli starts this morning as the chicken attack on the first set is not looking pretty.  These are in the bed with the kale and spinach.  The variety is Green Comet.

4/29:  I went and picked up the new chicks this afternoon.  We bought ten Cornish Cross and two white chickens.  I was hoping for bronze turkeys, but all the hatchery hard was white, so white it shall be.

Our previous brooders had always been pretty messy and awkward to clean, so Joe and I tried a “baby-corral” this year.  We thought it would be just brilliant – foldable, washable, already made.  Well that wasn’t exactly the case………. I was worried about the size of the holes so I wrapped the bottom in plastic wrap so they couldn’t stick their heads out.  That lasted about 2 minutes until one of the turkeys decided to go exploring and showed me how well he could push his head out and try to get it stuck in the plastic wrap (I knew I hated plastic wrap).  Noah and I quickly tried to put some cardboard inside, but quickly ran out of cardboard and finally settled on duct-taping paper grocery bags all around the outside of the corral.  We are working on the hypothesis that, like deer, they won’t be interested in “out” if they can’t see if.


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