April Garden

4/18: The chickens have been busy today. We have a lovely batch of fresh eggs – one of them looks like a goose egg.  Next weekend we need to set up a brooder in the garage for the new chicks.  We are going to try our hand at raising meat chickens.  Last time we tried, the feed store sold us 5 bantys and only one cornish cross.  This time we’re going to the breeder in Hubbard to pick them up.  I think I’ll get a couple of turkeys as well.  

A sad day today in the garden.  We’re going to have to take out the almond tree.  It has a fungus and it may be spreading.  Last spring we lost a nectarine that bloomed beautifully and then just withered and died.  This year it happened to the almond.  There is also a nearby blueberry that I just planted that looks like something has burned half of the leaves.  I sure hope we can stop it before it gets to the orchard.

I put in a row of Blue Lake Pole beans in the second bed from the front on the east side of the main garden and a row of Oregon Sugar Pod II peas in the second bed from the gate at the front of the main garden.  I moved some spinach starts in the beds behind the kitchen and checked on the broccoli starts the I put in a couple of weeks ago in the front bed.  They were attacked by the chickens, but aren’t dead yet. Some of the asparagus is starting to come up, but less than half.

We found another rhubarb that I had missed in the main garden and Joe said he would help me move it into the new rhubarb bed.

This afternoon I planted two more squares of carrots and spinach in the kitchen bed and transplanted two squares of the pak choy starts (still very small and spindly).