Goodbye Copernicus

3/17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Not much new in the garden this week – life has been very busy and none of included any fun out in the garden.  Mr. Copernicus disappeared last night – he didn’t come home in the evening and is still gone this evening.  He came to us on a sunny summer day several years ago and we all are hoping that if he doesn’t return, that his roving ways returned and he is out having a wonderful adventure.  We love and miss you Copper, stay safe……

3/18 – What a truly lovely day; spring, clear blue sky, close to 60 degrees and I just couldn’t bring myself to go out into the garden and enjoy it. We have speculated that beautiful Mr. Copernius has probably been taken by a coyote because he has still not returned home. He was my garden buddy, he would follow us into the garden and roll and stretch and purrr. His favorite thing was to lay in the garden on a summer day being petted in between weedings. He didn’t care if you had gloves or bare hands, clean or dirty, he just loved outside and petting. The most sure bet was that, after you pulled your hand away, Copernicus would grab it and hold on, hoping the “petting hand” was not leaving. Rest in Peace pitty kitty.

3/20 – I made it outside this morning.  I’ve got the front pasture and the west pasture mowed down, mowed the upper back yard and started the lower one, then I ran out of gas (literally, not figuratively).  I finished spreading the rest of the mulch on the blueberries and planted another row of peas in the main garden.  I put out the lawn furniture cushions and got the chairs out of the little barn (12 x 12 little) for the fire ring.  I want to light the burn pile but I think I’ll wait until Joe and the kids get back from the SOLV beach cleanup.


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