Spring Snow

03/07:  Joe was working in the orchard today, pulling the grass that has grown up to the tree trunks and staking the apple tree near the road that has been leaning a bit too much.

Pak Choi on 3/7/10

The little Pak Choi sprouts are doing well and the cats have discovered them yet.  The squash are just popping up today.  I hope some of these make it to the garden, my luck with seed transplants has never been great.

I bottled  up a new batch of kombucha today.  It’s tea with sugar that has been fermented into a sparkling drink by a yeast/bacteria culture known as a “scooby”.  Our scooby is probably three or four years old by now and faithfully make batch after batch of this wonder drink.  As the tea ferments, the scooby creates glucuronic acid with aids the liver as it detoxifies the blood.  Just brew a container of green or black tea (this has some hibiscus flowers) add a cup of organic sugar.  Once everything is back to room temperature, pour it into a jar, float the scooby on top and cover with a cloth to keep out the dust and fruit flies.  Do Not Seal – remember this is fermenting and therefore creating carbon dioxide gas – it could explode.

brewing kombucha

03/09 Ahhhhhh – I work up to snow, hail, sleet, some kind of frozen stuff covering the ground. It’s 31 degrees out. Luckily Joe had covered up my lettuce plants with some old storm windows.

03/10 Warmer this morning, it was 36 degrees. I went out this afternoon and checked the garden. Everything looks fine and the carrots from the first planting actually sprouted sometime during the last two, cold days. Amazing.

03/12 I love Saturday! The house is clean (at least the main floor), the gardens are weeded (for the most part), the last loads of laundry are ready for the washing machine. Our Fisher Paykel washer went out last spring and after five or six trips by the repair man (and too much money) we gave up and bought the most beautiful front loading Frigidaire set. The best part is – THEY”RE RED – the most beautiful shade of ruby. They are also quiet, which, if you’ve ever been around a Fisher Paykel, is a God send.

The squash seedlings were getting a bit too big for their tiny peat pellets so I transplanted seven of them into terra-cota pots in a sunny window. They don’t have anything but their seed leaves yet but I don’t think they could wait too long. Six of them are butternut squash and only one is the summer squash – they did not germinate very well, the seed coat seemed very hard and even the three that have germinated needed help. Outside things are warming up a bit, the carrot sprouts are doing well and I think some of the spinach may be coming up as well.

The rhubarb looks fantastic in its chicken-proof enclosure.I think this transplant is going to be a good decision. The combination plum in the main garden is in bloom as is the almond, none of the other fruit trees have burst yet but the buds are swollen and it shouldn’t be too much longer.

I almost forgot, Darwin managed to set himself on fire today – for the second time. He seems to have no knowledge of what his tail is or where it might be. We had set out a scented candle jar in the laundry room to get rid of some of the cat litter dust smell and freshen things up a bit. Darwin jumped up on the desk/counter, which took several tries – he is a terrible jumper, and dragged his tail through the candle flame. Luckily Caleb was there and patted it out. Darwin’s not burned, his tail hair is so thick that it pretty much self extinguished, just like the last time. Yep, that’s right, this is the second time he has torched his tail, the last was about 12 years ago. Strangely his twin brother, Einstein, also managed to set his tail on fire several years before he passed away.


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