More Spring Gardening

2/21:  Wow it was chilly this morning.  I woke up to frost and 25 degrees.  This might not seem unusual to most people, but this has been one of the warmest winters on record and it was 60 degrees on Saturday.

  • I made some mini greenhouses this afternoon out of some 1 and 2 litre plastic bottles.  It will be fun to see how the spinach and chard grow under them compared to the ones that are just out in the cold.
  • Joe and I had to come up with a barrier to keep the chickens out of the rhubarb bed.  For some reason they love to scratch in there and they are scratching all of the tiny little sprouts off of the roots.  Darn those hens.
  • Other than that I just cleared some blackberries out of the rabbit yard – it seemed too cold to be out today
  • The Rhubarb Cage

Tomorrow I need to re-engineer a couple a giant paper-mache ostriches for the library.  I had to remove the legs to get the into the car and now I need to figure out how to reattach them and make them stable.  I am so thankful to the wonderful folks over at our local Anthropologie store.  They have been giving me their window and store displays as they finish with them.  I’ll post some photos soon.

2/22:  What a busy week.  I had no time to get out into the garden and the weather was pretty dreary.  More soon , I promise……..


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