Early Spring Gardening

2/7 – I put in two squares of spinach and two squares of carrots in the bed outside the kitchen.  First I used string to divide the bed into 28 1’x1′ squares.  I put a few spinach (Olympic Hybrid) in the center of each of two squares.  I subdivided the carrot (Danvers half-long) squares into four sections and put four shallow holes into each for the seeds.

Noah and I mulched the strawberries and the rhubarb with straw and planted a row of peas (Oregon Sugar Pod II) in the bed to the left of the big garden gate.

I transplanted a chive into a larger pot and moved the bay tree out onto the edge of the porch.

2/8 – Wouldn’t you know it.  I planted a little over the weekend and this morning it was 29 degrees.  Oh well, there wasn’t much to lose.  This was my first day back to work after sinus surgery, man am I pooped.  The air in the school is very dry and does not make for a happy nose.  No news from the garden……although I did stop and buy two blueberry plants to put in where the roses have never done well.

2/9 – Still no gardening – still pretty pooped.

2/10 – Rain again…….drip……drip……drip


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