Rainy Days

2/1:  No gardening today, it was too wet and dreary.  By the time I got home from school it was getting pretty dark and I just didn’t feel like going back out.

2/2  Another beautiful day – tomorrow calling for rain.   Darwin is sitting in the windows having a lovely bath and watching the birds.

Darwin – Most Favored Cat

I was able to get out and move the rhubarb from the main garden where it has done nothing for several years to one of the raised beds in the backyard.  I moved six pieces so hopefully it will be happier and next year I’ll be able to make a nice cobbler.  I also move some of the asparagus to one of the new raised beds in the backyard.  I’m going to use the entire bed for asparagus, but will need to wait for the nursery to get some crowns in a couple of weeks to finish the bed.  I moved four of them today.  I may try to get out and trim the raspberries while the weather is nice – but then again, I might just curl up and read a good book……

2/3  Another rainy day with no gardening….Maybe tomorrow I’ll tend to the worm farm in the garage.  I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly.  Look for a link or tow in the side bar for more information.

2/4 The weather was a little better today so I was able to transplant some onions.  We also stopped at the nursery and picked up a couple of Legend Blueberries to add to the blueberry patch.  They are a late season evergreen variety.  The goats were out bouncing around this afternoon enjoying the cloudy skies.

2/6  Joe was able to go out and get a steer-manure blend to top off the raised bed near the kitchen and fertilize the blueberries.  He top dressed the blueberries with pine shavings and planted the two new bushes.


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