January – Better late than Never

Today, the weather seems like March rather than late January .  I probably should have started this project on January 1st as a New Year Project, but I hadn’t thought of it yet, and it seems a little too obvious of a start date.  This seems much better.

Waiting for the milk man

The weather today is cloudy but dry (~50 degrees), it was a great day to get out and do a little garden work.  I cleaned all of the maple helicopters out of the raised beds and trimmed back the strawberries.  The garlic that I planted in November is about two inches out of the soil and the onions that I forgot to pull last fall are also coming on.  I hope we don’t get any sudden freezes for the next couple months.  The sorrel is also looking good.   Joe (husband) cleaned out the goat barn and spread it onto an area that we want to expand the raspberries into.  I did forget to check the rhubarb – I may need to move it, it’s not doing well in the main garden.

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