Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 5

Todays task for Declutter 365 was to straighten and declutter the kitchen linens.

  • This task was already done.  I just had to check in on it.  The decluttering I did last year at this time has worked well so everything is still in its place.  I just needed to do a little ironing of some linen tea towels.

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to keep continue focusing on those closets. We didn’t finish a closet, exactly, but we need put a new floor in the guest room closet. In order to do that we had to pull everything out. We’ll declutter as we put the things back in.


The Guest room Revamp

We have an embarrassing problem.  A few years ago we adopted this beautiful little snowshoe Siamese cat, Suzuki.  She wasn’t very cuddley and hid more then we liked, but she was lovely and needed a home.  They couldn’t keep her in foster care because the other cats would all attack her.  A few years in, she was getting to trust us, enjoyed being petted, love to scoot under the covers on a cool night and started peeing outside her cat box. We had her checked by vets (several) for urinary problems and all her tests came back fine.

Because of Suzuki’s new problem we’ve had to confine her to only one room in the house, the guest room.  We don’t want to but we can’t send her to another shelter and we can’t have her ruining the house.  Someone usually sleeps in there with her to keep her and we don’t, thank goodness, have overnight guests.

So we’ve decided (with four days of our vacation to go) to strip out the carpet and pad, seal the subfloor and baseboards, paint the walls and lay down a waterproof vinyl flooring.

Day 1 – Everything from the room was moved into the adjoining office space.

Day 2 – Carpet, pad and tack strips we’re removed and taken to the dump, baseboards were removed, and the subfloor was sealed.

Day 3 –  The hardware was removed and the walls painted with two coats. The first photo is after one coat.

Day 4 – We filled the nail holes in the floor and finished the flooring on day four.  I love this flooring.  It’s easy to cut, no messy adhesives, and should provide a nice water-proof  area for the problem kitty.


Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 4

Todays task for Declutter 365 was to clear off the kitchen table.

  • This task was perfect for today because the dining table (we don’t have a separate kitchen table) was still littered with the remnants of the main floor closet decluttering.  I had to make decisions about the remaining items, put them away or send them away.  This table is almost always a mess, a catch-all, so it wonderful when it’s straightened up.

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to continue focusing on the closets.  I’m going upstairs today to declutter the linen cupboard.  We had nine sets of sheets for the beds in the two boys rooms.  We did have grey for one and blue for the other which has helped, and storage baskets for each color, but they weren’t folded very well.  This closet was more straighten and less purge.

Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 3

Todays task for Declutter 365 was focused on small appliances in the kitchen.

  • I took care of most of the clutter of the appliances last year, so I didn’t get rid of anything this year. I have places for everything to live and have been pretty careful and contemplative about new potential purchases.
2/2 – Small Appliances

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to continue focusing on the closets that don’t necessarily hold clothing  – clothing will come in later weeks.

  • Yesterday’s “closet clean” left me with some free space in a closet-cupboard. I moved the Yuletide decorations from the coat closet (cave in the back) into this space into some pretty boxes. I’m letting some things go and feel so much better about the things I’m keeping. The coat closet is clean now, the decorations are organized and the thrift shop will have some new items. * yes, that’s a spice rack in the coat closet – weird, I know.The top of one side is empty so I decided to fill it up today.

Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 2

Todays task for Declutter 365 was focused on the bench/counters in the kitchen.

  • I took care of most of the clutter on the counter. I do have a new cast iron wok that hasn’t settled into a home yet, but everything else is tucked away.  I still probably have more things out then most people, but I like having somethings within easy reach.

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to start focusing on the closets that don’t necessarily hold clothing  – clothing will come in later weeks.

  • I just finished the ‘closets’ in the living room – they’re really cupboards, but they’re the size of closets.  They were all packed full of, well, everything.  There were dishes, serving pieces, vases, books, camera, binoculars, games, candles, wooden trays, pottery pieces, and even an antique cobbler’s toolbox.  Five bags to the thrift shop, 18 items listed on Facebook Marketplace, several things recycled/tossed later, the ‘closets’ are looking much better.  The top of one side is empty and the top of the other has stereo equipment that we’re thinking about getting rid of.  I still has to find homes for a few items, but it’s looking much better.

Declutter like a Mother & Declutter 365 – Jan 1

I’ve decided to try to double-declutter this year.  I never managed to finish last year, and things here at the backyard farm are just entirely too crowded with stuff.  I’m going to still try to stick with Declutter 365 which gives me 10 minute tasks once a day for a year.  These tasks are quick and easy!  For 2019 though, I’m going to add Declutter like a Mother which suggests 30 minute chores everyday for 30 days.

Todays task for Declutter 365 was focused on the area around the kitchen sink.

  • I took care of the clutter you’ve got around the sink – like sponges, the dish drainer, soap bottles and sponges – wiped out the sink and the countertop. This one was pretty easy.
Kitchen Sink Finished – D365 #1

Todays task for Declutter like a Mother was to focus on the bathrooms first – closets will come later in the week.  Allie suggests starting in the bathroom because those things tend to be unemotional – brilliant!

  • I just finished all three bathrooms! I thought this would be a breeze – I just decluttered last year. How did I miss so many ‘expires in 2011’ things? I got rid of things we haven’t used it in the last several months, got rid of some old makeup, reduced the number of bottles of shampoos, conditioners, toothpastes …etc. Aghhh. Well, a bag to the thrift shop, and a bag and a half of trash/recycling, things are feeling tidy and I’m feeling lighter.

12 Days of Yuletide – day 11:

Day 11 of the Yuletide celebration is for “Bringing in the Boar.” There is a tradition dating back to the 15th Century of bringing in the head of a boar after the hunt; oaths were sworn on it, and they were as binding as any taken. On this night we are reminded of the strength of our word and the strength of our heart. What will you seek for you and your family? What will you do that brightens your life and the lives of others?

For the night of Yule, we should toast the Great Boar himself, but as I was eager to try out a new cooking pot, our Great Boar is instead a first try at boeuf bourguignon.  I will post the recipe after we try this – if it tastes good.  Presently, it is still in the oven.